Wednesday, September 7, 2011


THIS is my second lovely forum after golden talk.
first this is the link to the site
if you want join after me simply click here

if not you may click here to the homepage

  • EEZOR is professional and its not only ptp forums,there is also eezor ptc and eezo
  • hyip monitor , so in any way you will earn cash here.
  • Forum is very crowded and active ,it will be so easy to post daily here due to activity.
  • Forum offer good rate for post here 0,03 per post limit 15 post and 3 thread daily, minimum 400 point ,payout weekly
  • EEZOR limit post daily at 15 posts only even upgraded limit 30 daily,this is not good before i can reach minimum daily.
  • Now pay via liberty reserve only ,before they pay through alertpay and perfect money.
  • Mod seems to be strict than before (just feeling

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