Saturday, September 17, 2011

Money talk village

MTV has the highset rate ever on paid to post fourms
due to activity the forum has increase number of member joined daily
i'm a member here and very happy with post her
the admin is very honest and paid in time all the time
sometime he paid so fast with may be  days
moderator too do very good job keeping the forum clean and out of spammer
  •  THEER is bonus after sign up worth 0.25 point
  • they paid fast according to other forums 
  • the forum is very active so it will be easy to got the minimum payout fast
  • they approved payout requests very fast
  • Earn Points:

    - For every credible post you make you earn 4 points(MTV$).
    - For every thread you post you earn 5 points(
  • 1 point(MTV$) = 1 cent.

    Minimum Withdrawl amount is 500 points(
    MTV$) i.e $5 via Liberty Reserve, Alertpay and Perfect MoneyMinimum Withdrawl amount is 1000 points(MTV$) i.e $10 via Paypal

    Payment Processors you can request your payment via: Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay and Perfect Money. 
you can join here and earn the 5 cent instant after join

there is very good contest active now very simple and so easy to participate and win
check the contest section here$$Contests$$

also you always can check the payment proof by members here


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  2. thanks for the info about pay to post forum.

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